Attivo's Triathlon Team

Don’t go at it alone! Our Lakewood, CO based triathlon training team allows you to get the coaching you need to achieve your goals while training with like minded people. Triathlon may be an individual sport, but it doesn’t mean you have to train hours and hours alone. You will make some friends and training partners along the way, who will motivate, challenge and support you.


We value the fact that we are a “Team” and not a “Club”. Attivo’s coaching philosophy is that even though everyone is individual in their abilities and in their goals, it doesn’t mean they can’t train together. Our vision is to help each client succeed, no matter what their goal is. Our high caliber coaches have both the professional knowledge as well as years of personal experience to confidently teach and coach clients to be as successful as they can be. If you are in need of solid coaching, but want the group environment so you can train with others, then our team is the way to go.

How it Works:

Our team is built of both the novice and experienced members. Our coaches work well together to make sure everyone gets the help that they need, whether they are doing their first triathlon or a full Ironman. The coached sessions work on technique, form and specific drills, allowing everyone to benefit.

The 2018 Attivo Multisport Triathlon Team will not be available after Memorial Day. Please see our Private Coaching Tab for details on coaching after May, or reach out to Nicolette at or Annie at with any questions.

What we ask of you:

  • Wear your team kit at every race and during training when possible.
  • Volunteer for at least two events to give back to the community (Races to volunteer at will be announced during the season)
  • Have fun!

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