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Where are the training sessions held?

Almost all sessions for the teams will be in the Lakewood, CO area. The indoor swims are at Carmody Rec Center. The open water swims, as well as most bike and brick workouts are at Bear Creek Lake Park. The runs are at varied locations such as Carmody Middle School track, Green Mountain trails or Bear Creek bike path. If you are doing individual coaching, this will be decided between you and your coach.

What days and times do you train?

The 2018 schedule will be posted soon! But, we will offer both mid week and weekend sessions. If you are doing individual coaching, this will be decided between you and your coach.

Do I get a training plan?

If you join one of our teams, a training plan is included. If you are just obtaining coaching, training plans are also available.

Do I need to have previous experience in triathlon to join the team?

No previous experience is necessary! If you are planning to do a 70.3 or Ironman, we do recommend at least one year of triathlon experience. Contact us if you want to know more.

Do I need to be able to swim well in order to be a part of the team?

Nope! We are here to help you become a swimmer!

What is the deadline for registering for the team?

For both teams, registration deadline is March 1st, 2018. You can join after this date, but may not be eligible for a team kit (as they are custom and will have already been ordered).

What gear do I need in order to start with the team or individual coaching?

The basics are: a swimsuit, goggles, a bike of any kind, helmet, and running shoes! We are happy to suggest the best equipment for your skill level if you have any questions.

Is it required to attend all of the sessions if I join a team?

It is not required to attend every session! If you cannot make a session, your coach will give you a workout to do instead and make sure you are caught up with what was discussed.

How do I communicate with my coach throughout the season?

You can communicate with your coach through email, or through the training/communications smart phone app. There is no limit on how often you reach out to your coach!

Is there a team kit or team gear?

Yes! As a team member you get a kit, tank top, water bottle, swim cap and bumper sticker. If you want extra kits, you can purchase them for $140 each.

Are there any additional costs when I join a team?

The cost of registration fees to races is not included, although we do provide discounted rates on some select races. For usage of Bear Creek Lake Park, you do need to either purchase a park pass or a day pass. This is not a State Park, so State Park passes do not work here. You can also park in Morrison and ride your bike in, or we do work on carpool plans. There will also be a $40-$50 fee to use the marked course at Bear Creek Lake Park when it is available. Team kits, tank top, swim cap, water bottle and bumper stickers are already included in your team dues. Extras will be available for an additional fee if interested.

Do I have to participate in a specific triathlon to join one of the teams?

No. There are some races that we will recommend and give discount codes for, but you can train for and participate for whatever race you choose.

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