“I love seeing the results after just a few workouts. My energy level is up and my body feels so much better.”

“Nicolette puts a lot of thought into each workout. The workouts are never dull and she knows just how to motivate and challenge us to do that extra push up, sit up, squat, lunge….”

Ben G. and Marisa M.

“Nicolette is an amazing fitness instructor, full of energy and enthusiasm. Her classes offer the variety and the intensity I need to help me with my work outs. If you need a kick-start to your fitness routine, I strongly recommend taking one of her classes.”

Kerri F.

“Nicolette is a great fitness instructor. She does a great job changing up the exercise mix over weeks and months. Even spin is never routine. I also really appreciate the emphasis on balance and coordination in addition to strength & endurance.”

Dave C.

“This was my first year of triathlon training and I had not been on a bike in probably 12 years. Our first group bike ride outside was with Nicolette, she has the patience of an angel and so good at explaining when and why to be in what gears. I… look forward to the upcoming tri season and learning more and getting faster with her help…thank you so much Nicolette.”

Pam S.

“I remember showing up for practice that first day with my new bike. Nicolette was so patient and gave me some tips for how to clip in and out of my bike, and she rode right with me the whole time. She went over everything I needed to know about bike maintenance. Nicolette knows so much about bicycling, and is very enthusiastic and uplifting to those she coaches! Thanks for all your help this season, Nicolette!”

Amanda A.

“Nicolette Rocks!  Her skills and calming nature helped me to fall in love with my brand new road bike (having been on a hybrid for 20+ years).  I completed a 25 mile fundraiser ride and have higher hopes for the 2013 season.  Nicolette easily worked with me, as a novice, and my fellow comrades – many of whom are advanced, and everyone improved and we all had fun!”

Lisa H.

“I really enjoyed the encouragement & guidance Nicolette provided me during the training sessions she managed for our swim & bike training/workouts.  No matter if it was early morning or a chilly day, she always greeted me with her beautiful welcoming smile and a sparkle in her eyes.  She really made me feel like she were happy to see me and excited to help me with my swimming or biking techniques.  It’s more than a job for her, she definitely takes a vested interest in the people she are training.  It’s been great getting to know her and train with her!”

Gay P.designer & artist