“Coach Nic is my Personal Fitness Oracle; giving me just the advice I need to hear.  Her words are with me on every run, bike, and swim.”

Lisa K.

The night I decided to sign up for the 70.3, Nic was there as I said fine, I’ll sign up for the damn thing. My comment was “even if I walk the 13.1 miles of the run.” This sly smile arrived on Nic’s face. Yes, she “taught” this 63 year old to run for the first time in over 10 years! She’s the best!

Annie H.

“I had initially planned to train on my own for my first 70.3 (hey- I’ve read some books!) but I am really glad I chose to work with Coach Nic. The training plan she provided was thorough, but more importantly, I appreciated the holistic perspective– treating nutrition, fueling, technique, etc. as important contributors to success – not just logging miles. Nic is great at providing building blocks that make the sport accessible for new athletes, as well as the rigor and personal feedback that athletes of all ability appreciate and expect. Most importantly, she’s fun to work with, positive, and encouraging.”

Erica L.

“I was lucky enough to have Nicolette as a coach as a beginning triathlete two years ago and excited last year when I was able to train under her guidance again for a 70.3 Ironman.
Nic answered all my questions from “Why is this happening?” to “I’m feeling good, how do I improve from here?”  She gives thoughtful and trained advice from nutrition to training to recuperation. She understands that we all have a life outside of the sport yet positively encourages you to commit to the training and race ahead with just the right amount of reality check.  She has an amazing respect for the sport of triathlon which taught me to appreciate the commitment involved to succeed as well as how fun and enjoyable the sport can be. I was inspired, motivated and comforted by her coaching and personal experience and was able to enter and complete my first 70.3 feeling eager and confident.
I look forward to my next year of training and future races due to the amazing experience I had with Nic as my coach and am very thankful our paths crossed!”

Anne P.

“I have been training with Nicolette since I started my triathlon journey four years ago. She has taken me from a beginner in 2012 who barely knew how to ride a bike to my first 70.3 in June 2016.  As a coach, she provided realistic training plans, challenging coached sessions, nutrition guidance, and overall support while on my journey to Boulder 70.3.  With her guidance, I went to the starting line healthy and ready to compete. She waited at the finish line until all her athletes finished. Nicolette is now coaching me through a winter marathon. Nicolette is a great coach for all levels.”

Rhonda L.

“Nicolette motivates me toward consistency in my fitness program. She is professional, engaging, and a great value.”

Kaye M.

“My husband and I have been taking a variety of Nicolette’s classes for almost three years and are so thankful that that we met her. All of her classes are amazing, Every class I have taken has been easy to follow but always a great workout. She is a wonderful instructor, gives great queues, and has a style that naturally encourages a person to work hard but not get discouraged. You can’t go wrong with any of her classes.”

Cheryl and Ray T.

“Nicolette is an excellent trainer. Her classes use a perfect combination of diverse training methods to keep workouts challenging yet fun and interesting. Nicolette’s professionalism, extensive knowledge, and commitment to her work and ultimately her clients provides the perfect scenario for success and sets the foundation for a fit and health lifestyle.”

Abby F.

“I’ve taken fitness classes with Nicolette for about two years and each day when I go to the gym, she encourages each person to succeed in their fitness goals.  I never would have imagined at 55 years old that I am in the best shape of my life!  Nicolette loves her job and it doesn’t matter what a person’s fitness level is, she helps each person succeed.  I look forward to working out, because I can’t wait to see my next results.”

Gaye F.

“Nicolette is one of the best spin and group workout instructors that I’ve ever worked with. She has the ability to tweak workouts on a group scale that “tailor” the workouts to each individual and find the extra effort to make the workout really tough, or at least a lot harder than when you’d do it alone! And she’s always smiling!”

Michael C.