“Nicolette is very knowledgeable and helpful in determining what is best for each individual. I recommend Nicolette if you want to start focusing on your goals, she will definitely get you there!”

Hannah R.

“This will be my 4th year training with Nicolette. She is a kind and compassionate person and an amazing coach. She cares deeply about her team and has a sincere interest and desire to help us all improve. Each year she has gone out of her way to help and encourage me to do better than the year before, and to celebrate my achievements along the way. She has a great amount of knowledge, and I could go on endlessly about everything I have learned and how much I have improved, but the most important lesson I have learned from Nicolette is to ENJOY THE RIDE. I look forward to training with her each year, and am counting down the days when we start up again!”

Heather H.

“I wasn’t sure I even wanted to do a triathlon but Nicolette made it far less intimidating. I learned a lot and even had fun! Highly recommended to anyone and everyone!”

Jeremiah C.

“Nicolette was such a great coach. She made what seemed impossible possible. Not only was I doing something I didn’t think I was capable of, I had a blast doing it. Definitely worth it all! Go Attivo!”

TeriAnn K.

“Attivo Sports helped me achieve my first IronMan Distance! I’ve been working with Nic for only a few years now and she has been instrumental in my triathlon training. Nic had me working towards the 140.6 distance since I met her and was just learning to swim! She has never lead me astray with her advice and I trust her completely! If you are looking for success I highly recommend Attivo Sports!”

Mary R.

“When I first met Nic, I was coming off an ACL injury and had never done a triathlon. Upon meeting her, she convinced me to sign up for the Olympic distance for my first triathlon, and when I was crossing the finish line said, When’s the next race? I never thought I’d consider doing a half ironman until she asked and kept encouraging me until I signed up for Boulder 70.3. She helped me through a back injury, helped me overcome fears on the bike, and helped me become a faster runner. When I finished the 70.3 race, I have never felt more proud of myself physically, mentally, or spiritually, and I thank her for sharing in that journey and moment of pride. “

Ashley N.

“I went to Nicolette to help with my swim stroke when I was training for an Ironman. Nicolette really helped me understand the areas I needed to work on and she has a gift of being able to explain this in a way that’s easy to transfer to my swim stroke. She breaks down the stroke in manageable pieces to work on then helps bring it all together. I have found her advice hugely beneficial. Thank you Nicolette.”

Mary W.

“Nicolette’s coaching program was both enjoyable and extremely effective. When I began training with her I couldn’t swim fifty feet, by the time it came time to compete in the Iron Man I was completely confident in my swimming ability and enjoyed that aspect of the event more than anything else!”

Craig C.
“I can’t speak highly enough of Attivo and Nicolette. She is extremely knowledgeable, knows when to push, when to encourage, She evaluates your abilities and your goals so you can do your best but no pressure, and it’s always accompanied by a lovely smile!”
Carol C.

“Attivo is Fantastic! I never thought I would get over my hatred of running and swimming, but you made the training so inspiring and gratifying I couldn’t help but change my attitude. Running is now my go-to workout. Thanks Nicolette!”

Tyler C.