Annie Hoskinson, assistant coach with Attivo Multisport, has been participating in triathlon since 1990.  Prior to that, she was active both in running events and running in events as a contestant and a volunteer.  In 2002, she became the head coach of Team Danskin Training here in Denver.  This fueled her passion for triathlon coaching, especially for those people who believe they could “never” complete a triathlon.

While coaching triathletes, Annie has participated in numerous sprint and super-sprint triathlons.  In 2016, encouraged by triathletes she had coached, she signed up for and completed a 70.3 triathlon.  She knew that the best way to train for the 70.3 and ensure she was ready to complete the event was to join a team.  So, she joined Nicolette’s Long Course team!!  Yes, even coaches need a coach for events they have never done – so, Annie can vouch for Nicolette’s skills as a coach.

Sports participation has always been a part of Annie’s life.  In Annie’s younger years we girls were told “no” when it came to competing in many sports.  The result of being told “no” is that it became Annie’s passion to encourage people to become involved with sports.  Annie’s concerned less with whether you win or lose – it’s about getting to the start line, prepared to meet your goals.

Annie looks to support you as you challenge yourself to complete a triathlon.  We learn about ourselves as we train by achieving what we had thought was maybe not possible. She will support you as you challenge yourself to get through times when you begin to question whether or not you can do this training.  The sport of triathlon represents one of the most supportive groups of competitive people no matter the level of success you want to accomplish.